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Elk City '10
   Here's a view of the approach end of runway 14.  You can make a short field approach, touch down early and take the curve on the ground. On the other hand, the locals
recommend just skipping the approach end altogether and going directly to the straight part of the runway.   With the steep uplslope, your rollout should be plenty short.

   Here's what it looks like from the runway 35 end.

   Mark shoots the gap between the trees on approach to rwy 14.

   He touches down just in time to turn the corner.   Mark discovered that one of the problems with using the full runway approach is that you can't see if there are deer or
other wildlife standing on the runway around the corner.

   Back in 1861, Elk City was at the end of the road.   Not much has changed since then.  State highway 14 runs through the mountains into Elk City and stops dead at the
edge of town.  It's one place where you'll find very few folks who are "just passing through".