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Sulphur Creek '10
   The morning after an overnight rain (with some snow on the ridges) and clouds were forming in the canyon to the south of Johnson Creek.  The direction we wanted to go.

   Breakfast was waiting somewhere down there.

  We found a hole in the clouds and sprialed down into the valley.

   Turning  onto a long final.

   I can almost smell the hash browns and sausage from here.

  Tom brings up the rear in his Bonanza on short final.

  You can almost see the grins from here.  This morning was Tom's first venture into the Idaho backcountry.

   The horses are trying to figure out what Doug has in mind.

   The cookhouse at Sulphur Creek Ranch is full of old, cool stuff.  They have a huge 8-track tape collection.   This is me pretending to play the "Shoot the Bear" game.  It's
a 1950 arcade game.  Unfortunately, it's not working but there are hopes that it will be revived.    If you want to see this game in action, I found a You-Tube link here :
Shoot the Bear