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Flying B Ranch '10
   Overhead the Flying B stip at about 6,000 ft.   I usually make a few descending circles in the canyon to lose altitude before setting up an approach.

   Mark and I wait at the end of the strip, while Doug is on final approach.

   Having breakfast.  That's Doug on the left, me on the right and our camping neighbor from Johnson Creek, also named Doug.

   I don't know how to play the piano, but I wasn't about to argue with the mountain lion that was lying on top of it.

   What is it about wilderness ranches and 8-track tapes?  Between the collection at Flying B and the one at Sulphur Creek, they've got more 8-track tapes than I've seen since
the 70s.

   The ranch is an oasis of green in this mostly dry canyon. Just to the left of center is a pole with a webcam.   Given the remote location, I have to assume that it's hooked up
to a satellite dish somewhere.    The web cam page is located  here.

  If you want to stay overnight, they rent cabings of all shapes and sizes.