Schafer (8U2) is a beautiful strip in the Great Bear Wilderness Area in Montana.  It existed before the wilderness area was created, and was grandfathered.  The only other access to this area is by hiking or horseback.
  It has an excellent wilderness-style camping area right off the runway.  Amenities include running water, fire pits, outhouse (see pic), picnic tables and bear boxes.  The campground is maintained by the Montana Pilots Association.   Everything you bring in, you must take out with you.  This is a wilderness area, so don't expect to find a garbage can.
  It is highly recommended that you be careful with your food and use the bear boxes.  I've seen several black bears in and around the strip over the years.  If you wake up early in the morning, it's not unusual to see moose, elk and deer grazing on the runway.
  A fork of the Flathead River lies a few hundred yards to the south of the campground.  Considering it's remote location, you can probably guess how good the fishing is.