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Johnson Creek '04
  That's me with Gene and Cody Hargett, caretakers of the strip at Johnson Creek.   They've been here since I first dropped in
back in '96 and are well known by most pilots who fly the Idaho backcountry.  When not taking care of Johnson Creek, they
run the Angel's Nook RV Park in White Bird, ID.

When the weather is warm near the runway, it's always cooler in the creek.  This year we perfected the technique of
balancing a folding chair on the rocks in the creek and relaxing, eating, etc...  Not only is it much cooler, the mosquitos rarely venture
out over the water.

Here's another view of the creek.  The fishing is usually quite good.  Back in 2001, the salmon started returning
to the creek.  Now it's not unusual to see a fisherman with a 20 lb. salmon on the hook.

That's Mark and Melody, our flying companions from Phoenix.   We hiked up the 1.5 mile trail to the hot spring.  The
hike is mostly up the side of a canyon, so it helps to be in good shape.  If you're not, the last 1/4 mi. is very steep and
will probably kill you :-)   If you're in the mood for a soak, the black pipe feeds the tub with water from the hot spring.

When you come to Johnson Creek, please remember to bring some nuts for the locals.  This little guy on my knee I called
Taildragger.   These little guys are friendly, but they're not above rummaging through your food when you're not around.
Keep everything tightly lidded