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Engine Overhaul '05

Here's how N4BQ looked for a few months in the spring of '05.   Those who know the plane might notice that the ugly green
rudder that was installed last year has been  painted.   Frank at Chandler Aviation was so disgusted with the color that he
offered to shoot it white while the plane was down.   As a  bonus, they found some matching navy blue paint and matched up
the lines.  The only thing missing is the gray  stripe.  

As of 5/18/05, the engine was complete and everything was ready to reassemble except for the engine mount
which was damaged in shipping and had to make another round trip to Wisconsin by truck.     

Here's the engine on the shop floor at Aircraft Engine Specialists.  All it needs is an engine mount to bolt up to.  Engine
 mount was due back by June 6th.

The engine mount arrived on 06/07/05 (in one piece and with no damage this time!).  The workmanship was excellent,
as was the pretty white paint job.  N4BQ looks happy to be on all three wheels again.

06/20/05, the engine is mounted and the engine analyzer probes have all been installed.  With luck, she'll fly by the end
of the week.

The brand new prop is mounted and looks ready to grab some mountain air!

The EI UBG-16 Engine Analyzer and the Horizon digital tach will help me keep tabs on the new engine.  The UBG-16
was installed in a 2 1/4" hole where the old singe probe EGT gauge was.  The digital tach was a direct replacement
for the old mechanical tach.

After 3 1/2 long months on the ground (and a major blow to my savings account) N4BQ and I were back in the air
 and ready for another dozen or so years of adventures before we have to do this again.