Moose Creek (1U1) is in Northern Idaho.  The strip is in the bottom of a canyon at the confluence of Moose Creek and the Selway River.
 It looks like an easy strip on paper, but the winds can get tricky at the juncture of two canyons.  Runway 19 has a clear approach down a wide canyon, but the wind often favors runways 4 and 1, which require an approach down the narrow Selway canyon, with steep terrain at the ends of both runways.  
Camping spots are on the north side of rwy 4.  Facilities are basic.  Small outhouses, fire pits with no grates, and water is available at the ranger station at the end of rwy 4.  Unless you want to haul water for 1/2 mile, it's recommended that you taxi up to the ranger station on arrival and fill up your containers before taxiing to the camping area.
  Deer on the runway are common.  There are a lot of deer around and they don't seem much afraid of people or airplanes.  I had a close call with two of them on a morning takeoff.  Fortunately, I was able to get airborne before I got to where they were standing in the middle of the runway.