The Players :
This year's trip was a reunion of past backcountry flyers.  It started on the 4th of July weekend at Johnson Creek.
Doug and Lisa flew the RV-10 over from Colorado.  Doug is a veteran of several trips, but this was Lisa's first time.  They camped at J.C. over the weekend but had to return to CO and resume construction on their house.
Debbie and Roger showed up from Phoenix in the RV-9 that Roger completed last fall.  They first joined me in the backcountry in their old TriPacer, back in '01.  They departed for the west coast after J.C.
Mark and Melody are my airport neighbors in Chandler, and frequent backcountry traveling companions (as seen on this site :-).  They showed up in their 182 and continued on to Montana with me.

Brad showed up in his '60 172.  Doug and I first met Brad when he showed up at West Yellowstone with Mark and Melody in '04.  Brad, being a brave soul, also threw his hat into the ring for the Montana part of the trip.