Arturo's Aircraft Interiors did an excellent job.  They took care of all the details.  Some that I hadn't even thought of.
Prior to delivery, I flew up and met with Arturo to pick out materials.  I chose a dark blue leather (looks lighter in these pics) for the seats and side panels. The headliner and window trim got a white leather with a blue tint.  For the floor, a dense pile charcoal gray carpet fit the bill.
Arturo painted all of the plastic trim below the windows.  Instead of paint, all of the plastic and metal trim pieces around the windows wer wrapped in the same leather chosen for the headliner.  I'm not exactly sure how he pulled that off, but it looks 10 times better than painted trim.
The seats were completely rebuilt from the frame up.  The side panel inserts were cut from sheet aluminum (no more cardboard!).  
Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with the results.  The plane not only looks brand new inside, but it smells like new too!