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Interior Refurb #2
(The new stuff)
The side panels are now firmly attached to the walls and no longer threaten to interfere with the flight controls.  Note the refurbished trim on
The armrest well and even the lower air vent was spiffed up and painted.
The seats were taken down to the metal frames (which were sanded and painted). The new seats have new webbing and all new foam with
excellent contour for the lumbar area.  They look about twice as thick now and are much more comfortable. The stitching on the leather is
 first rate.
The rear seat looks great.  No more stuff falling off the walls.  I would be proud to have passengers back there now.
The headliner and rear bulkhead look great. The old headlinder had water stains from leaky antennas and if you pushed on it, your finger
would go right through.    In this pic, you can also see the leather wrapped window trim.
This pic shows the baggage area with the new carpet.  The lower rear bulkhead also has a new battery access door.