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Wildfire Summer '07
Typical flight through smoky haze.  Mark and Brad fly off my right wing.  The mountains just a few miles away on the other side of the valley are
barely visible.

This Forest Service Douglas DC-3TP ( turboprop conversion) was a regular sight throughout the summer at West Yellowstone.  The plane is used
to drop smokejumpers and their equipment on wildfires.  For you non-aviation geeks, this plane was originally a Douglas DC-3 transport. The
first modern airliner which first flew in 1935.  If you'd told Donald Douglas that they'd still be earning a living 72 years later, he'd have called you crazy.

This was one of the several wildfires burning near Missoula, MT.  You can see what looks like a large white cloud deck on the horizon.  That was
actually a solid  layer of smoke that rose above 12,500 ft. and covered thousands of square miles.  It took me an hour and a half to fly through it and
get into clear air to the north.