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Aerial Tour '07
  The most popular place in the park.  The Old Faithful geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin.  If you squint, you can make out thousands of people on the
semicircular boardwalk waiting for the eruption.

  Lucky for us, we caught the eruption as we flew away.

  Grand Prismatic Spring in the Midway Geyser Basin looks spectacular from the air.  To the upper left of the spring is the boadwalk for the poor
ground lubbers.  I've been there on the ground and the view from above is far superior.  Note the steam visible on the surface of the spring.  The
water temperature averages about 160 degrees and Grand Prismatic is the largest hot spring in the Americas.

The Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  Of the many waterfalls in the park, this 300 ft. beauty is considered to be the best of them