Magee (S77) is a beautiful little strip in Northern Idaho.  The strip is 2450 ft. long, which sounds short, but the elevation is only 3000 ft. MSL which makes it quite doable by most GA aircraft standards.
The strip is located just 25 miles northeast of Coeur d'Alene, ID in the Panhandle Nat'l Forest.  Next to the strip is the old Magee Ranger Station which was closed back in the 70s.  These days there is a summer caretaker at the station to maintain the buildings, water system and  the historic ranger's cabin, which is rented out by the Forest Service.
 Next to the strip is a nice camping area with running water, grills and outhouses.  The airport is located in a steep, wide canyon and has a creek on both sides of the runway.
  While I was there I heard the scream of a mountain lion up on the canyon woll every night.  A bowhunter that was camped nearby told me that they'd seen a very large mountain lion walk in front of their truck on the airport road the previous night.  Lucky for me that mountan lions (unlike bears) are not known to poke their heads into tents at night, looking for food.