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West Yellowstone '08

Unlike the smokey '07 season, '08 was virtually fire-free and there was plenty of rain in the region throughout the summer.

The two halves of the new FBO building parked on the edge of the ramp.

The crane sets the east half of the building on the foundation.

An unusal sight.  The west half of the building taxis around on the ramp to get in position for the crane.

The building successfully navigated around the multi-million dollar bizjets to arrive in the right spot.

Sandy (in orange) runs the FBO, but she also supervises building assembly in her spare time !

Finally, after a full day of activity, the two halves of the new building are together.   I took a tour of the inside and I'm sure this new building is going to be a
big hit with the pilots, not to mention the Yellowstone Aviation staff.