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Going Home '09
  Low clouds around Johnson Creek delayed our usual early morning departure.  As it was, the clouds were just high enough to sneak out of the canyon through this pass.

   All five planes made it safe and sound to Cascade, ID, our usual gas stop before starting the trek home.

  As we detoured to the west around storms, we were surprised to see this off to the east (where we would normally be flying home).  At the center of the pic, between the base
of the clouds and the mountain peakl, you can see a slim funnel cloud dropping down.  The funnel lasted for about five minutes then dissapated.  Believe it or not, that was not
the first funnel cloud seen on this trip.   On day one in eastern Idaho, a funnel dropped out of a medium sized thunderstorm cell several miles off our course.  I was so surprised I
forgot to take a picture.   Not this time!
   Following a prolonged, unplanned stop in Jean, NV, Mark seems pretty happy to be home.   The setting sun is a dead givaway that this return trip took us about 4 hrs. longer
than usual.   We normally arrive at around 3:00 PM.