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West Yellowstone '10
    The five planes of the Arizona gang (a.k.a. The Boys of Summer to the folks at Yellowstone Aviation).

   This year, Mark's plane sported a spiffy new paint job.  We expected to see a few backcountry dings in the new paint before the trip was through.  Gravel strips and shiny
paint are not a good combo.

   A beer guzzling, motley crew to be sure.   We even saw fit to corrupt young Adam, who besides being the FBO owners' son, is also Chief Executive Director of Line Services at Yellowstone Aviation  (so he told us!).

   Doug relived his misspent youth by showing us how he used to ride his bicycle backwards whilst sitting on the handlebars.

   Being a group that never does anything the easy way, we put vegetarian Mel in charge of keeping an eye on our steaks.

  In keeping with that theme, I devised this clever (convoluted?) way of starting the evening campfire remotely.  It was not the easiest way, but it worked!